Folkert Datema:
When i started a VR project in the “Oude kerk of Amsterdam” together with Niek Kemps more than 5 years ago, i was figuring out a way to have the observer go through a believable museal VR environment in an intimate way.
While doing this project, i realized that the challenges i was facing for this assignment were all connected to the things i loved doing since i got into computers in ’82 besides my normal job, which is creating or enhancing photographic visuals.
Suddenly, all my slowly acquired skills could be used for the benefit of this project.
VR has just gone to a level of quality and comfort to be used as a perfect tool to experience a 3D design as a truly natural reality.
In 2019 i was given the opportunity to visualize a 330 sq meter exibition stand in VR for sports brand Under Armour. It consisted of an exercise area, vip lounge and a complete shop interior – all custom built in 2 weeks time.
What strikes me the most after several projects is the effect VR has on the viewer: the is no questioning about the reality and a totally different conversation is held with the client about the design or the experience – little fuss over details and so much more about the big picture.

A game development engine is a bliss to me:
Modeling in 3D, creating textures for the models. Placing the architecture or objects in the game engine, lighting, texuring, coding, tweaking the interaction and optimizing the performance.
Always working towards the best result to get the observer even more deeply connected to the wonderfull experience that immersive VR is.
I can’t wait for future projects….